About Me

I like unedited photos. Fashion that represents Bohos. Cooking for two. Preparing tea for a few. Details, words and mythical creatures. Faces with distinguished features. I like clouds and where rainbows end. That excitement you have after writing a love message before you hit send. I love candles, pebbles and incense. I like giraffes, butterflies, owls and purpleness. Summertime just brings me pure happiness. I enjoy bike rides that leave my legs tense. I like rings, earrings, bangles and hats. Balcony sessions and sleeping on yoga mats. I love folk music and private gigs. Disney movies still make me tick. I love pomegranates and orange juice. Ice cream, dark cocoa and chocolate mousse. I like writing songs and humming tunes. Water is my element, Saturn is my planet and I love a half moon.

Born in Iran, my family and I found ourselves in England before I had reached the age of six. I learned the language. Made friends. Experienced a culture quite different from the one I was used to in the six short years I had spent in my motherland, and then returned to Iran where I had to make sense of all the differences.
It was in reading and writing that I found comfort, and explanations. Whether in Iran or England. I read in both Persian and English yet always wrote in the latter.

The initiation of my academic career was with English literature and linguistics in a university sitting on top of a hill in the north west of Iran’s capital. And while I was quite fond of reading prose and fiction, English literature as a degree lacked creativity, failed to satisfy my curiosity and did not offer adventures. So I packed and moved across the continental borders, settling in Germany where I enrolled in a graduate degree in English Cultural studies. For what screams adventure more than residing in a country of which you don’t speak the language, have no clue about the culture and know no one apart from the girl you met on the plane?

My handful of years in Germany were far from boring. I made friends, finished an MA degree and started a PhD in immigration writing, met and married a German-Spaniard who not only admired and encouraged my love for adventures but walked by my side on each and every one. 

I would not describe myself as a writer, a cultural analyst or a photographer, however I would proudly call myself an enthusiast of all.

I listen to country music, for the story-telling element, take pictures of faces, for the same reason and enjoy fashion, while fully aware of the capitalistic boundaries materialism entails. I see fashion as an expansion of self-expression, providing the tools to either partake in or refuse the current visual culture. I find joy in colours, patterns, structured cuts, dresses and jumpsuits. And while my husband and wardrobe would both agree that I have too many of the latter two, I don't believe in the phrase "too many dresses".

Under the Indigo Dome used to be described as Stories of Travels, Cultural Observations, Food Preparations, Creativity and Life in Europe. Although now I have roots in the continent of water, I am taking my readers across the Atlantic to a new set of adventures. As my husband and I have decided to call Miami, FL home, for now…

I was born in the mid-eighties, when the internet did not exist and Iranian television had only a handful of channels. I would go to bed listening to the voice of the storyteller on the radio at 8:45 pm.
On regular occasions my grandmothers, Aziz and Maambozorg, would tell me stories of lands far away, of princes and princesses, horses and ships, deserts and islands... Folklore never sounded so beautiful... Some told stories of heartbreak and death, some had me afraid, most had a happily-ever-after as their resolution, but all started with these few words:

Yeki bood, yeki nabood... 
Zire gonbad-e kabood,
Gheir az khodaa hich kas nabood...

یکی بود یکی نبود
زیر گنبد کبود
غیر از خدا هیچ کی نبود

(There was one, there wasn't one,
Under the indigo dome,
There was noone but God...)

And when those words were uttered, we knew that magic was about to happen...


Places I've Called Home