Waiting for Matthew

Walking by the emptied shelves of Whole Foods (before we are judged, it needs to be clarified that we only shop there due to its incredible proximity to our place of residence. Otherwise, we too are critical of its ridiculously over-priced and pretentious items) as people hurry by stacking up their trolleys, stocking up for the storm that is supposed to hit, I am reminded of the tens of scenes I've seen in films about the apocalypse.

Across the Atlantic

On our first date my husband shared with me a small dream he had; to move across the Atlantic and live and work in the Americas for a while, “Mexico or Brazil” he said. He had just moved back from a three year stay in his fatherland, Spain, and started a job in Porsche in the southern German city of Stuttgart, where he was planning on staying for a good few years in his motherland.