Cadaqués; Putting Romantic and Fishing in the Same Sentence

One of the many reasons I adore Europe is its geographical size. And living in Germany- being located at a rather central spot of Europe- makes it easy for any road trip loving wanderluster to drive to hundreds of destinations. So last June (yes, one whole year ago) Tim and I hopped in our car and embarked on our second Euro-Road-Trip. After a couple of nights in Paris, we headed down south to his fatherland; España!

A Christmas Dip

I spent the Christmas holidays in Köln, home to one of the most beautiful architectural wonders, the Kölner Dom, and my man. I had not celebrated a German Christmas before and although I knew what to expect, I was overwhelmed with surprise after surprise, of the good kind. 

Road Trip Diaries: Brussels

Last week we drove up to Brussels. That would be a short way of putting what Timoteo had planned for us. But although the trip was short, the excitement was far from. I graduated on a Thursday, bringing an end to my Masters in Cultural and Literary Studies, as well as an end to Timoteo's twenty-one-day business trip in Barcelona. The trip was his graduation gift to me...

Roadtrip Diaries; Another Country

I was born in a vast country, where it took more than the time between the sun's setting and rising to drive from east to west and a full day from the north to the south without any stop-overs. Having a hometown that was situated in the centre gave us the mobility to travel to more parts than someone near the Turkish, Afghan or Iraq borders could...