Cadaqués; Putting Romantic and Fishing in the Same Sentence

One of the many reasons I adore Europe is its geographical size. And living in Germany- being located at a rather central spot of Europe- makes it easy for any road trip loving wanderluster to drive to hundreds of destinations. So last June (yes, one whole year ago) Tim and I hopped in our car and embarked on our second Euro-Road-Trip. After a couple of nights in Paris, we headed down south to his fatherland; España!
Our final destination was Barcelona but we were determined to make a one-nighter stop in Cadaqués; a small Catalan city on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean. The fishing village was favoured by the likes of Picasso and Dali, the latter artist frequenting the town during his childhood years. His house in Port Lligat is now open to public visitors.

Our hotel sat on the skirt of a hill, leaving us breathless after each walk to and from the beach, whether it was from the fear of rolling down or the mere struggle of dallying uphill.

We spent the day at the beach with fresh Mediterranean breeze protecting us from the late spring heat. The whole village could be explored with a couple hours worth of walking giving us enough time to lunch with the fishing boats and blue waters as our view before heading even more south to our next destination; Barcelona...