K Is For Karnival, And Köln

In the last year I have been frequenting Cologne (or Köln as the Germans call it) since Tim is a devoted Kölner. I was first introduced to the city on a hot spring day, through a Kölsch-infused walk in the city, up and down the Dome, a stroll by the Rhein, a Halber Hahn and some more Kölsch. And since then we have made sure to visit that part of Germany quite often, experiencing a new treat each time.

Christmas Market Wonderland

I wasn’t born in a Christian family, yet Christmas has been special to us for two reasons. We moved to England when I was barely 7 and being lucky enough to have parents that embraced other religions and customs, we decorated Christmas trees, hung stockings and received gifts. This never took away from the excitement and delight of our Persian New Year’s celebration- Nowruz- a mere three months later when spring started and our house was adorned by all things coral and resemblances of rebirth.