Here We Go: Live, Laugh, Learn...

I moved to Germany in the April of 2011 to enrol in a masters programme in English Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Heidelberg. What I earned was more than an MA... I did manage to graduate with pretty good grades, which still has me baffled to the possibility of that event since living alone in a country with a rather difficult language and a different culture from those I had been exposed to was not something I was used to.

After finishing my masters this past September I came up with the idea of constructing a series of narratives where I would describe anything any everything a student coming from outside the German borders and more particularly outside Europe would be faced with. And that's when my mind birthed the Live, Laugh, Learn series.

While some topics need lengthy narratives and will be described with a more meticulous manner in my Purple Sessions blog, others can be summarised with sentences that don't exceed one line and a trickle of pictures. Having an interest in photography (still amateur at that though), I find great joy in shooting and posting pictures that go parallel with the topics I'm detailing.

Now that I have the introduction down, I'll briskly break down the anecdote behind the title of the series.

Live and Laugh don't really need much interpretation yet I do want to stress on the Live part. For many a student, student life is only a temporary in-between phase. One that needs to be passed to reach a more permanent, stable episode of life where earnings are higher and decisions are more important. And though I was no exception to that vile belief for a while, I learned that this is the best time of my life... So I started to live, with the resources I had as a student and the tight schedule that paradoxically allowed me to experience things I never thought I would face... And so I laughed either through them or after they had concluded... 

Some (very few) German speakers would mistakenly use the verb "learn" when referring to the act of studying.

"Where are you?"
"I'm in the bib (Bibliothek= library). I have to learn."

"Erm, ok. But learn what? How to speak English?"

I will take the micky out of the Germans but will also point out what they do correct and how the rest of the world is late to the party... Just for the sake of some light hearted comedic effects... Yet I hope I don't offend anyone of any cultural background. For I am a Persian, raised in England living in Germany, dating a German-Spaniard who, although speaks perfect English without the slightest hint of foreign accent making it impossible to tease him due to his mistakes, is not immune to my playful mocking at his punctuality and perfectionism.

So here we go. May the narrations of a Persian twenty something grad-student turned

postgrad-student (that's how good the education system is here) living, laughing, and learning in Germany commence...