Baghdad by the Bay

So after my website went under a small transformation, a facelift as the fellas in the automotive industry call it, I’ve been a little more motivated to blog. Also the fact that 2017 is filled with trips give me that extra push.
We decided to spend the last few days of winter in San Francisco. Tim had an event in the bay area, stretching through the week, and I decided to join him for a slightly longer, long weekend.
My flight was a rather late one. Not late enough to be given the badass title of redeye yet I found it pretty late, arriving in San Fran at 1 am local time, meaning I had gained three hours, but was 6 hours more exhausted if that makes sense. (It doesn’t, I know.)

My Bite of The Big Apple

There are numerous people who, at some point in their life, have fantasised about living in New York, and I was one of them. Until I visited Empire City for the second time in one year.

My first encounter with The Big Apple was a day trip in July, right before Tim and I flew back to Germany for our wedding. We were visiting my cousins up in Philadelphia and Princeton (two of the most wonderful cities I’ve been to, but more on that in another post) and decided (well I decided, Tim was keener on paying D.C a visit) that a trip to New York, even if it meant a take-the-bus-at-the-crack-of-dawn-and-return-near-midnight was necessary. New York welcomed us with a hot and humid day, yet we refused to care. We strolled through Manhattan, hitting up all the touristy spots, being unapologetically touristy ourselves. Lunch at a Persian restaurant (I know, when in New York, you go for a true NYC pizza, but we live in Miami and there’s not a bunch of Persian expats in the Latin capital of America, and I was craving Ghormeh Sabzi and Kabab Barg, washed down with doogh), caught a distanced glimpse of the statue of liberty before running to hail a cab to escape the sudden rain and meeting up with friends from across the globe. Each of us had a friend that is now calling New York home and we managed to all come together in a small crowded bar on 56th and 5th Ave, before heading back to Philly with sleepy eyes, sore legs and cameras filled with photos.