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Megapixel24; A Little Photography Project

When I’m not writing- blogging, writing for my team at work, working on my thesis- I travel… And take pictures.
Tim had started Megapixel24 in collaboration with brother-in-law, Alex way before I entered his life.
One of the first conversations Tim and I had, (even before our first date) was about photography and the tale-as-old-as-time Nikon Vs Canon discussion. (He’s a proud Canon user, I know, I know, but he has so many great attributes I just can’t not love him.)
So when a while back they asked me to contribute to their website I was quite excited to have my work included in a platform dedicated to photography. It’s all in German at the moment but I’ll persuade the boys to let me add English translations to the texts.
Do take a little tour around the website and show us some love…